scaredy cat

by awksymoron

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Sidney Gish
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Sidney Gish such a pretty album! lovely bedroom pop + out of this world whistling skills :^) Favorite track: haunted.
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these are songs from december 2015-june 2016. they were written in ecuador, oberlin and new york and they were all recorded/fixed up in garageband. every part is performed by me.

some artists+bands i love:

karen o
jim croce
amy bruce
mal devisa
sam cooke
the ronnettes
paul baribeau
michael fuckin jackson


released June 17, 2016

album art by lya finston



all rights reserved


awksymoron New York

very musical with sense of humor idk


awksymoron on instagram lol
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Track Name: nobody's fault
when someone makes the choice to keep you out of their life
it should be easy to move on
and i wish i would stop thinking about the sound of your voice
god, it's been so fucking long

but i still think about the places that i would have taken you
i think about the faces of all my friends meeting you
and us spending time in my den
or us starting over again

maybe i'm insane
who am i to blame
it's not my fault and it's not yours
but i can't take this shit anymore
it's not your fault and it's not mine
and i know i'm wasting my fucking time
Track Name: haunted
each night before i go to sleep
i toss and turn, my mind runs deep
all i want is to get up at a decent hour
but baby you've cast a spell on me
like some evil magic power

why o why can't i sleep at night?
why do i still think that you're somethin' special,
like you're outta sight?

i'm haunted by you
how i wish it wasn't true
i'm hung up on you
but you make me feel so blue
i'm waiting for someone new
who will care for me like you pretended to

at time i know i'm doin' fine
feel like i've found some peace of mind
but that all disappears when i catch a glimpse of your smile
and i know that i should be over this
but baby it's taking a while

why o why did i have any faith in you,
when i was nothing but honest,
and all you were was untrue?


now i'm aware, i'm able to see
the things that make you no good for me
i liked you a lot but you hurt me real bad
don't get how i fucked up and it's driving me mad

each night before i go to bed
i think about things that i might've said
and i wonder if you ever stop and think about me
or recall the nights when we held each other
so tight and so tenderly

why o why don't i stop doing this to myself,
when for all that i know and for all that i care
you can go straight the fuck to hell?

Track Name: scaredy cat
i'm really scared of messing up
and i'm scared of looking bad
i'm scared i'm just not good enough
and i'm scared that i'm too fat

i'm scared cause i know i never meant
as much to him as he meant to me
i'm scared of tearing down my walls
because i've been hurt so badly

i'm scared of letting people down
and i'm scared of where i've been
and i'm scared of never finding love
cause i can't let anyone in

i'm scared that no one truly cares
about things i have to say
and i'm scared that i forgot to do something
important today

i'm scared i'm not trying hard enough
to hold onto my friends
and i'm scared that they'll all move right on
i mean i guess it would make sense


i'm scared that i have hurt people
i'd never wanna harm
and i'm scared i won't get the chance
to say sorry from my hurt

and i'm scared of what the future holds
and i'm scared of doing this wrong
and i'm scared because
i've only known sadness for so long

Track Name: talking in the dark
talking in the dark is nice
because i don't have to look you in the eyes
and see that you don't feel the way i feel about you
but that's alright cause this feeling's not new

spending time alone with you feels good
and if you'd let me kiss your face i would
but i don't understand what's going on with us
and i'd rather not deal or make a fuss

i know that i've been strung along
and that you won't get how what you've done is wrong
but for some reason i welcome you to stay
i'd miss you too much if you went away
Track Name: walking in the park
i could go for hours of walking in the park
yes, i could go for hours of walking in the park

i could go for hours of lying in my bed
and getting all caught up in thoughts inside my head

i could go for hours of us swinging side by side
or remembering the way i felt the day my grandma died

i could go for hours of feeling so alone
and thinking about the ocean, and all of earth's unknown

i could go for hours of thinking about my friends
and how grateful i am, they love me to no end

i could go for hours of taking a nap
and thinking about the hours, the ones i won't get back