Live From Studio B

by awksymoron

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recorded from live from studio b on wobc 91.5 fm ! for videos of this seesion + MORE check out :)

athena matsil ~ voice and guitar
henry korpi ~ drums

produced by becca winer

engineered by jamie finucane, joseph misterovich, + cena loffredo

mixed by cena loffredo

photographed by fiona brennan & natalie hawthorne

edited by natalie hawthorne


released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


awksymoron New York

very musical with sense of humor idk


awksymoron on instagram lol
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Track Name: truth of the matter (2015)
it's easy to look happy
in all your pix online
bc pictures are only taken
when you're having a good time

the truth of the matter is that when asked if you're ok
'yea, i'm fine''s the easiest thing to say

with a tired old smile,
the familiar lump in your throat
god i hope i hope u never end up
in my shitty boat

bc the real answer is way too much
and the real answer is way too sad
and all this talking about it
makes me feel real bad

bad because you've got better things to do
bad because the awful things i'd have to say are true

the truth of the matter is that
i'm not doing too well
and the last several months
have been a living hell

but i'm sure these awful feelings
will one day go away
bc that's what those who i've spoken to
have all had to say

so the next time i'm asked
'how are u, u doing well?'
my chin'll be up and i'll say, 'yup,
as far as i can tell.'
Track Name: talking in the dark (2016)
talking in the dark is nice
because i don't have to look u in the eyes
and see that u don't feel the way i feel about u
but that's alright bc this feeling's not new

spending time alone with u feels good
and if you'd let me kiss your face i would
but i don't understand what's going on with us
and i'd rather not deal or make a fuss

i know that i've been strung along
and that you won't get how what you've done is wrong
but for some reason i welcome u to stay
i'd miss u too much if u went away